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American Shale Oil LLC (AMSO) is one of a small number of companies that have been granted leases to conduct research operations on federal land.There have been at least 74 deaths in Bakken accidents since 2006, according to a Reveal analysis using data from Canadian and U.S. regulators.

We provide information on the Bakken Oil region of North Dakota.Investigators took dozens of photographs and several videos of the smoking nest of pipes and bent rig.Four months before Brendan Wegner died, Joseph Kronberg, a 52-year-old father of three, was electrocuted and died at another North Dakota well owned by Oasis Petroleum North America.Few suffered the consequences of that thirst for cash more than Ted Seidler, one of the workers injured at the EOG site, who underwent a series of operations after he was burned on his hands, legs, face and backside.The Bakken Shale is a formation of oil deposits that spread across Montana and North Dakota.Executives from the top oil companies in the Bakken Shale told state regulators that their crude is safe to transport by train, opposing possible.His charred hands were recovered later, still gripping the derrick ladder.

Berger said he was under pressure from EOG to get the well flowing, according to a deposition.Coverage includes Bakken shale formation, oil reserves, geology.You are using an outdated browser that is unfortunately not supported by this site.Paul Sanderson is a North Dakota lawyer who crafted a bill to prevent oil companies from adding indemnity agreements to contracts with contractors.Like Carlson, many smaller contractors in the Bakken often receive fines, rather than the energy producers that own and lease the wells.

The bill was unnecessary and interfered with contracting in the oil industry, a lobbyist for the North Dakota Petroleum Council argued at the time.The fatalities come as oil companies are responding to plummeting crude prices by dialing back their drilling activity.The case ultimately was dismissed in June 2013 as part of a confidential settlement agreement.It was the same well that exploded less than four months later, killing Wegner and his co-worker.

Rescuers found his body pinned under a heap of twisted steel pipes melted by the inferno.Stanfill scrambled over a berm and waded through knee-high wheat until he found Michael Twinn, lying on his back naked and seared.Oil companies in the Bakken keep working despite low prices By TOM.This phenomenon seems to be lost on the federal regulators who cover the Bakken.The Bakken Shale, the now-famous shale deposit ranging from Saskatchewan down to North Dakota and Montana, gets its name from North Dakota farmer Henry.Bakken Energy Service Team Turn-key oil and gas service Bakken,.

This loophole has allowed Oasis and other energy producers to shift blame and protect their bottom lines from government fines when workers are injured or killed.

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In the first lawsuit, Carlson Well Service argued that it should not have to defend or indemnify Oasis under their contract.Across the Bakken, deeply entrenched corporate practices and weak federal oversight inoculate energy producers against responsibility when workers are killed or injured, while shifting the blame to others.Brendan Wegner, 21, had been scrambling down a derrick ladder when the well exploded, consuming him in a fiery tornado of oil and petroleum vapors.

Insiders overseeing drilling in the Bakken oil fields say Oasis is not the only company that pays bonuses for increasing production and profit.

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Companies such as Luxe Minerals and LongPoint Minerals are in acquisition mode, while Black Stone Minerals continues to make larger scale purchases.The Alberta Bakken light oil resource play was on fire in the first half of 2011 where investors bid stocks to new heights.Welcome. The BAKKEN OIL BUSINESS JOURNAL is a print and digital Journal dedicated to connecting business and resources in the greater Bakken Petroleum industry.

Smaller contractors have little choice but to agree to the terms in their contracts.North Dakota Oil Jobs Oil and gas job listings posted by companies seeking employees,.Learn about working at Join LinkedIn today for free.

Hazardous Cargo: Shipping Highly Flammable Bakken Crude Oil by Rail Oil trains are crisscrossing the US and Canada with volatile cargo, yet many communities are.

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Stay up to date with the latest investigations and episodes from Reveal delivered to your inbox.They say top companies such as EOG, Whiting Petroleum Corp. and many others also dole out incentives.This reduces wear and downtime increaseing profits for drilling companies in the Bakken.

Bakken Shale Companies and Active Operators The following list is made up of active companies and lease operators in the Bakken Shale play.Special Report: The Coming Bust of the U.S. Shale. This means the oil companies drilling in the Bakken had to add more than 63,000 bd in December.

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The American Petroleum Institute recommends such practices but does not require them.Carlson Well Service officials later would testify that Wegner and his crew were not trained to work on wells under pressure.OSHA officials say they are concerned that plummeting oil prices in the past year are prompting energy producers to shortchange safety even more.